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Jokes are so important in day to day life that we call them blood of the daily life. When we need to create light
atmosphere, we try to crack the pranks. It makes people easy and they feel so light and comfortable. Everybody has problem
in life and we all are struggling to fight. We are so busy in solving the misteries that often forget to laugh which result in serious
diseases. It makes us more tensed.
So guys this blog is dedicated to all people of this universe to live life with luaghter. We have many categories so you can explore the jokes as per your mood and comfort. Keep exploring.

Funny Jokes - World need Humour to Get over from Pandemic

Well, more than a year has been passed away and still we are under fear. This pandemic has made the world to behave and live not as usual. We are bringing these great funny jokes to get you escape from all these stresses. Here we go: Be good with your partner because you never know when lock down may be annouced.. It is your eyes who makes me beautiful,, Wife said to her hubby with naughty smile.. Drunk husband replied: 'No, not my eyes but my bottle...

Super Cool Jokes for Super Funny Moments

Everyone wants to be popular and each individual wishes for his/her appreciation so here are those super cool Jokes to to create hilarious moments. These pranks gonna make you viral among your near and dear ones.

Girl: Don't Kiss me
Boy: My name is Don't

If you treat me like a joke and I gonna leave you like its funny!

When my boss asked me to to have great day..
I started hearing music..

With Yalgaar Video - Carry Minati Set to Break All Records

INDIAN You-tuber - Carry Minati's new video is set to break all records. It released on 06 June 2020 around 10 P.M. IST and within next 19 hours, the video has achievements are as follows:

1. More than 47 Million Views.
2. More than 6 Million Likes
3. No.1 trending in INDIA.
4. No.6 trending world wide.
5. Almost 1 million subscriber increased with this video.
6. Now he has highest subscriber base a an Individual. Yes, Carry has got 21 Million Subscriber.

Surprising! The war has begun with roasting Tik Tok and it's stars. Mr. Nagar is a Roaster, Gamer, Rapper, Social Media Influence and Most liked You-tuber.

Story of Conspiracy:

1. When he uploaded his first Roasting video on Tik Tok, it has got more than 65 Million views within 24 hours but You tube has removed/down his video. The reason may be content of going against anyone openly is not in policy.

2. This made Carry Minati so sad that he uploaded first time his another video showing the reaction how he felt with this removal. He was almost crying and so sad but again his this reaction video reached more than 62 Million views.

3. Then he announced the making of new video 'Yalgaar' and his announcement video reached 30 Million views.

4. Now he finally released the announced video and he is shining everywhere in the world. All social media, all news channel are counting on him.

It shows that if someone is having will power and positive attitude, he can always come back with more power. He is a true example of it. This shows Carry's following qualities:

1. He is confident of his skills.

2. He know and understand his viewer, subscriber and well wishers.

3. He has strong knowledge of content.

4. He understand how to convert failure into opportunity.

5. Mr. Ajay Nagar (Carry Minati) don't fear from anyone. Even he can go against the platform from where he is earning without the fear of any loss.


1. You tube video starting date: 30 October 2014
2. Total Views till 07th June 2020 (19:15 PM IST): 1,375,738,021
3. He met Mr. Tom Cruise for promotion of Mission Impossible: Fallout'
4. He is most successful but still down to earth.

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World is Difficult without Jokes and Humor

World a filled with multi billions species and we human beings also share space with them. Everybody is happy with what they have got except human beings. We always make complaints and keep on running to fill the gap and during this race, we forget to live the life. World is difficult without happiness which comes through Jokes and good sense of humor. It is important to be funny whenever you get a chance. Being serious all the time is bad. We must love what we have got and we must appreciate what we have achieved. God is so kind and he has given us what is important for us.

Cut a long story short, Laughter is life. We always share the best possible new fresh Jokes to make our surfers smile. Here again, we have come up with best pranks as follows:


A man was chasing a gorgeous girl..
Girl stopped at juice shop and boy also ordered a Juice..
He came closer to the girl and said: Your face is very similar to my 6th Wife..
Girl: Really, How many wives you have?
Man: FIVE!

2. Beautiful girl was doing shopping in the market and then a guy followed her.
Boy: Hey lady, it seems there is something to eat in the packet you are holding..
Girl: Yes, you are right.. My Sandals

3. You came inside... How will you go out side..
In winter season, Blanket's punch!

4. Mom: What are you doing my brilliant son?
Son: I am studying..
Mom: What are you studying?
Son: Girl's eyes!

5. A man was at Medical store and asked: Give me a pack of Precaution.
Shopkeeper asked: Do you need a bag as well?
Man replied: No, She is damn beautiful!

6. What is the thing which goes in Dry and Comes out Wet! Comment in Box!

7. He said he understand what I think and calls me corrupted.
I said: If he can read my mind, he is corrupted too! LOL

8. Wife: I need to buy undergarments.
Husband: Why, you have such small things..
Wife: The same applies for you but Did I interrupted when you bought Jockey yesterday?

9. Why are you taking fast round to your bed?
Because I wanted to catch the sleep!

10. My gut feelings: I must go to the gym..
My lazy mind excuse: The coach is so hot that anyway, you will lose your health.. Have rest!

11. Slogan on my friend's mom T-shirt: 'I park the fun between my LEGS'

Inappropriate Jokes to Make Some Different Kind of Humor - You Know

Hilarious Funny Inappropriate Jokes when you want to make fun while trying some different kind of humor material. These pranks are perfect when you are in cool mood and want to throw some crazy lines in group of like-minded people.

1. Once a little boy and girl went for swimming. In changing room, while they were undressing, little girl looked at boy's leg between and asked: Can I touch this?
Little boy saw girl as well and replied immediately: Sorry, not at all. Don't touch as I noticed you already broken YOURS!

2. Without asking, How can this crazy virus intruded in me..
I am sick of it!

3. Judge: Why are you getting separate from her?
Man: Well, my wish. She is not satisfying me..
Judge to woman: Is it so?
Woman: All neighbors are satisfied with me, I don't know what he wants!

4. Teacher: I have that power of reading face. I can see your face and understand what are you thinking.
Student: Still you wear such tight jeans.

5. A rich man saw a very gorgeous girl standing in the park.
He went to her and asked: I will give you USD 500, if you let me touch you cheeks.
She said yes and took the money.
Man was greedy. He said if you let me hug you tight, I will give you USD 800.
She said yes and done.
Man thought to take one more chance. He asked if you can come to my room, how much you will take?
She said: USD 250 like I charge to everybody! :)))

6. During love, girl said: Wrong..
Boy: But I love You..
Girl: This is wrong.
Boy: I will soon marry you. I have spoken to my parent as well.
Girl: Wrong.. You are targeting a wrong hole, stupid!

7. My ex girlfriend and me used to go to make muscle together..
Although that didn't work out!

8. Name it: It sleeps during the day. It gets up in night. It keeps lying all the day but stands up during the night!
Ans: Watchman..
What were you thinking!

9. Whether you are in Love or Mosquito bites you: Results are same!
You are not able to sleep at night..

10. A beautiful lady was standing with SAD face outsize of Cinema!
My brother asked her and she expressed that she dropped USD 500 somewhere.
I gave her USD 100 out of 500 which I found 10 second before.
It is my principle that when you are happy, you should make others too!

11. Son in law complaint to mother in law: There are thousands of problems in your daughter?
Mother in law replies: That is why she could not get a nice husband!

108 Corny Jokes to Make You Laugh-out Loud

Spread out these most Hilarious Corny Jokes to charm yourself and your listener. These Jokes are fresh and capable to tickle your funny bone.

corny jokes where man is making a hilarious statement by saying that it is useless to take a married man away

2. Oh My God: When the miracle will happen, when it is going to rain money instead of water..
Voice from sky: It will whenever there is a 'CHANGE' in the weather!

3. Wife: Why do hate when Sunday finishes..
Me: I don't hate but I fear of Monday!


5. Some people are so ugly and irritating that must be fined if they move home without taking licence from government. :))

6. Messy: While looking at you and being spent 3 years with you, I have experienced that your life is like a JOKE.
Donald: It may be but for sure, it's not as funny as your face!!

corny jokes, funny corny jokes

corny cheesy jokes

9. They say: Money talks..
But mine is little crazy: It always keep on saying: Good Bye..

10. Being fatty, makes me so hyper active and I get anger quickly.. Whenever my friends or relatives call me fat I can't control and I cut myself....
A Piece of CAKE with Coke!!:))

11. These Chinese are too crazy..
Once their baby born before due date and they name him Sudden Li.

12. I won 1 Million Dollar in Lottery..
I have decided to donate half of it..
Now I left with $ 9,99,999.50 :)

13. About 14 years ago, my doctor told me: I have problem with memory. I don't easy let the past go!
Is it so?

14. What is difference between Ohhh and Oh No..
About 2.5 inches..

15. Qualities of Good Neighbor:
No interference
Friend in Need
No password protected Wi-Fi

16. My CEO asked to start a slide with something Funny..
I attached my salary slip on first slide..

17. Why did your apple phone is wearing it's glasses?
Because it has lost it's all 'Contacts' :))

18. When CEO told me to have a great and nice day.
I went HOME!

108. What will you call a fat psychic?
A For-Chin teller (not fortune..LOL)..

Tell Me A Joke


Tell me a Joke - Millions of people regularly ask from Google. Many times, we try to find that precious time to tell a joke to a person who is very important and we need the attention so here are those amazing FUNNY JOKES to give you the opportunity to share the fun and laughter with your friends/family and you will come closer to one another. Read and speak these pranks to make your listeners laugh out loud. It shouts a ton about your goodness.

2. What did the Daughter Corn asked to Mother Corn?
Where is the POP Corn?


For Maximum attention, nothing beats a good Mistake..

4. Once a man traveled to Europe and met a nice girl. They liked each others and became friends. During lunch at restaurant, girl invited him at her home. Man promised to join her.
He reached at her home, they had good discussion at dinner. Ambiance was nice so they hugged one another.

Slowly girl throw the clothes and man followed.. She whisper in his ear to try 6 NINE..

Man could not understand what it is but he thought to give it a try and replied - Sure!

They started the course and it was going well but in the middle it, the girl felt a fart coming on..

She tried holding it back, but she guessed that the man was probably having good time and so she just let it rip.

30 seconds later, she felt another fart coming on and since the man hadn't said anything earlier, so let this one out as well.

After that, the man pushed her off, stood up, and started wearing his dress.

Girl felt it awkward but somehow she dared to ask "I guess you didn't like that, huh?"

Man replied: "No, it was OKAY, but I just don't think I could take 67 more of those"

5. Man noticed a beautiful girl at Bar..
He slowly moved closer and approached her softly.
Can I buy you a drink?: Man asked
Girl: No, Sorry. Alcohol is bed for my legs..
Man: Do they Swell?
They just Spread... Girl replied

6. Angelina: You seems to be so desperate searching something on Google!
Jeff: How do you know it?
Angelina: Because you have reached to the 3rd page while searching! LOL

7. Teacher: Ted- Make me a opposite sentence of "Kids in the dark make mistakes"
Ted: Mistakes in the dark makes kids..

8. Definition of stress: When you locked me in a room with 4G internet but 1% battery!

9. Truth of the centuries: The wife is cute when she is MUTE..
The husband is honey when he has got the MONEY!

10. Tell me what is difference between a true friend and girl friend?
True friend lend us money and for our girl, we lend that money!

11. Wife: You are very innocent, anyone can make you FOOL..
Husband: It started with your FATHER!

12. The awkward embarrassing moment when you borrow a pencil from stranger, start chewing it and the stranger stares at YOU!

13. Be nice to your kids..
They gonna choose your nursing home!

14. I am fed up facing dumb people.. They are too habitual to apps so I must tell them your mind is an app.

15. My neighbor is so nice and kind, I told to my friend.
My Friend: Good, does he gives you good smile, or does he support you financial or he must be sharing good food with you.
Me: None of above..
Him: Than what is the matter you are appraising him so much..
Me: He never secures his wifi..

16. one couple conversation:
Wife: See, how big my heart is. I agreed to marry you, even without seeing your face.
Husband: Appreciated but I am even greater than you because I seen you, still I agreed for the marriage!

17. If government decide to use mask permanently, whose business will be affected?
Lipstick maker!

18. Girl: What have you bought for me on my special day!
Boy: See that new orange Ferrari..
Girl: Wow, that's amazing..
Boy: Yes, that same color Jeans I bought for you!

19. Yo mama is so stupid ...
She was about to sell her call to arrange for Fuel Money..

20. We all were living a good happy life and then someone ate BAT!

21. Let me teach you how to make Ice from RICE..
Just remove the word R.

22. The moment when you purposely play very slow in LUDO so that your opponent gets frustrated and quit!

23. When they say - Relationships are like Public Restrooms!
People who are waiting outside are desperate to get in but those who are already in, are desperate to rush outside.

24. I was drunk and SAD other night and ordered myself that I should stop drinking with immediate effect. Next day: I opened my eyes and advised myself that I should not follow the advice of drunk man! LOL

25. Father: Don't tell your mother that I was asking for the mobile no. from your friend's mom.
Son: No worries, I was doing the same thing!

26. Son: Father, you are not following the right method of doing things. Let me teach you.
Father: Oh dear Son, Don't teach your father How to get a baby!

Dog Jokes

How do you know if you have a slow dog?
He chases parked cars.

I named my 'Dog' 5 miles..
So i can boast everybody that I walk 7 miles everyday.

Funny Jokes to Tell

Jokes are some hilarious story or storytelling where some funny incidents happens so here we are with those great hilarious funny jokes to be told to your near and dear ones.

After fracture, he asked to doctor: Will I be able to play piano after this?
Doctor: Yes, no worries.
Him: Great, I never could before!

What comes after 6 9

When a clock gets hungry..
It goes back for a second!

What does a nut says when it sneezes..

Wife: If your hair keeps falling like this, I will divorce you..
Husband: OH Really! I am so stupid, making efforts to save them

Jokes and Laughter - Know the Value

Life is limitless, full of opportunities where dreams become reality. In each human being, there is unlimited potential but we need to be awaken.
This blog is all about entertainment where we share valuable contents in the form of Jokes to bring laughter on your faces.

Jokes and Laughter Importance

There are lot of benefits of it i.e.:
1. Laughter makes your energy high.
2. You forget all you troubles.
3. You immune system starts working well.
4. Blood pressure comes in control.
5. Mind and heart, both get the new energy.
6. Positive energy spreads allover.
7. Many many unknown diseases fly away.
8. You come closer to your dear ones.
9. Good memories take place.
10. You become like-able person.

Above are few benefits because the list is endless. On this blog, we share different categories o jokes like Short jokes, Funny Jokes, Knock Knock Jokes, Funny Quotes, Jokes for Kids, Couples Jokes, Clean Jokes, Decent Jokes and much more.

With above variety, readers get opportunities to explore the jokes as per their moods or as per demand of ambiance. Some people are self dependent and they have many funny stories to be shared at moment. These people are so blessed because they have capability to make anyone laugh.

Making people laugh is important because:

A. It is noble cause and you get lot of blessing.
B. It is easy to make anyone anger or cry, but making someone happy is tough job.
C. You are missed everywhere.
D. People give your example.
E. Boredom kills.
F. Best Medicine and it is FREE!

Nowadays, lot of laughter and comedy shows are aired because in this stressful life, everyone needs a break so with use of Jokes and puns, it happens. These kind of people are always in demand.

We would like state again that: LIFE is:

1. Life is Small, Live it.
2. Our journey is too short to keep revenge in you.
3. Anger and loneliness kills your inside.
4. At the end, your presence will be missed.

We are sure that you will learn the lesson and enjoy on our jokes site. Do share and spread the humor.

99 Funny Short Jokes to Burst Your Mouth with Laughter

Lets directly jump into the ocean of Jokes to quickly make you laugh and enabling you to spread the happiness allover the world.

1. Lady: Finally Doctor has done the operation successfully and my Ear replaced with New One..
Me: Great...... Happy New EAR!! :)

2. Why there no Knock Knock Jokes about America?
Because freedom Rings..

3. Dad to Son: What are you doing son?
Son: Dad, I am reading..
Dad: Good, what are you reading?
Son: Your daughter in law's messages...

4. jokes when boss asks to work on Holiday
Company CEO to his office assistance: There is some urgent pending work in office so you have to come on Sunday.
Office assistance: Well boss, that is not a problem but the public transport is so bad on holiday so I will be very late..
CEO: Not an issue, by when you will reach there?
Office assistance: By Monday!

5. In South Africa, a place called Limpopo is so hot..
even chicken lay boil eggs...

6. Did you hear a joke about London?
It's a riot!

7. Boy: What is your age?
Girl: Stupid, girls don't reveal their age..
Boy: I see.. Sorry! What is your e-mail address?

8. Man to young guy: Have you ever seen Taj Mahal or Easter Island's Moais,?
boy: No..
Man: Haha, go sometimes to see the world outside!!
Next day: Again, that man asks to same guy - Have you ever seen Pyramids of Giza?
Boy: No..
Man: Lol, go sometimes and see the world outside!
The another day - That man asks to boy - Have you ever seen.. the boy immediately interrupted him asking...
Do you know James?
Man: No
Boy: Lol, go sometimes, see what is happening in your home.. INSIDE..

9. What is the similarity between Bar and B R A ?
They both are capable to drive boys crazy when they OPEN!

10. Do Chinese realize when they buy Souvenir in America..
They are buying the products Made in China..LOL

11. Ugly boy: I don;t care what girls think of me..
because thousand of Mosquitoes find me attractive..

12. When you wife says: 'Correct me if I am wrong'
Just smile and agree, because it's a trap.. Don't caught!

13. She: I have changed my mind.
Me: Does the new one work?

Tom, a new joiner in office..
First meeting with boss..
Boss: So are you expert in?
Tom: I can crack
Boss: What you ca crack?
Tom: I can crack hilarious Jokes!

14. What do you call Australian angry kangaroo?
Hopping Mad

15. Husband comes early from the office and found his wife with another man..
Wife: How you come early from the office?
Husband: Who is this man?
Wife: Don't try to change the topic!!!:)))

16. When she asked her Canadian friend: Did you have Good Summer?
Her Friend Replied: 'Yes Indeed! We had a great picnic that afternoon..'

17. What is the good day to go to beach-side?
SUN Day!

18. Women: Not all men annoy us..
Some are G A Y..

19. Never laugh on your wife's choices.. because you are one of them!

20. For girls, boys are like Bank Account..Without lot of Money, they do not generate lot of interest!

21. He: You are most beautiful girl I've ever seen on this planet!
She: You just want me to get into your bed!
He: OH great! You are smart too!

22. What do you get from Pampered cow?
Spoiled Milk!

23. Why did little champ placed sugar under his pillow:
Because he wanted sweet dreams!

24. Son: Dad, are you alright?
Dad: No, I am half left.

25. A boy misunderstood the meaning of LOL.. He thought it means lots of love instead of lots of laughter..
So he send greeting for his girl saying: You are only girl which make me feel like I am in heaven, you are really so sweet. LOL!

26. Your's birthday?
2nd April,
which year?
Every year,,,

27. What will call a men who lost hi left hand and left leg in critical fight?
All Right Man!

28. The embarrassment you experience when your colleague shares a joke in a group, you instantly laugh at it without understanding the punchline and someone asks you to explain it.

29. My Friend is a big play boy..
He had many girlfriends. Whenever he gets a new girl, he measures how far she can ope the legs..and he keeps the records in spreadsheet!

30. What if Doctor gets fired?
He doesn't care anymore!

31. Someone told me that if you wake up and hug a person, sleeping besides you and feel glad, want to hold hands.. This is real Love.
So I tried but I am being punished and banned to fly into that AIRLINE!

32. Once there was a boy and girl. They were very very innocent. They never did any wrong thing, never seen any movie or T.V. or songs.
They got married. When they came home, but sat with father and slowly asked dad "Please tell me what to do tonight." Father told him: Use your strong body muscle to hit the place from where she throws her waste water!
The other day: Father asked from his daughter in law, How was the time yesterday? Girl told: Very strange, your son went to bathroom, used his elbow to hit the bathroom seat!

33. When I tell my friend: You should not drive too fast.. He doesn't care!
When I want him: You should focus on your study to score good percentage.. He doesn't listen to me.
When I advice not to party til late night.. He becomes deaf.
But when I say that your phone' batter is LOW, he takes it too seriously.. :))

34. Was I guilty and cruel when I roam entire super market store, tested lot of products and after spending one hour, I go out empty handed!

35. Biggest lie married Women speak: I need to take permission from my husband!
Biggest lie married Men speak: No need to take any permission from my wife!blo

36. I asked to an experienced person: What is the secret of success.
He replied: A big stone..
I surprised!
He added: A big stone to break that mobile phone!

37. Wife: I can fight the whole world for you!
Husband: All the the time, you keep on fighting with me!
Wife: My lovely hubby, you are my whole world! :)

38. In between of attack Pandemic, Santa and Banta Surprised to listen about Hanta virus.
He asked : When our dad went to China??

39. A man goes to a bar and asks for a beer.
Waiter replies: Sure Sir, Its cost is one cent." "One Cent?"
the man exclaims. He glances at the menu and asks: How much for a nice juicy steak and a bottle of wine?
A nickel, the barman replies.
"A nickel?" exclaims the man.
Where's the man who owns this place?
The bartender replies: "Upstairs, with my wife."
The man asks: "What's he doing upstairs with your wife?"
The bartender replies: The same thing I'm doing to his business down here.

40. Lady: All men are same and they need only one thing from women..
Man: All ladies are same and they need only one thing from Men..
Fit the right word: MONEY or Sleep.

41. Old proverb: Where is a will, there is a way..
New Proverb: Where there is a will, there is fight for property!

99. Men at 22: Plays Football
At 35: Pays Tennis
At 55: Play Golf
Have you noticed one thing?
What: As you get older, balls gets smaller!

Isolation Jokes | Lock Down Jokes | Quarantine Jokes to Cheer you up in Corona Virus Session

Cheering you up with most funniest Isolation jokes when you are in lock-down or self isolated. Enjoy this Quarantine season with lots of laughter:

quarantine jokesisolation quarantine lockdown jokesfunny jokes, jokes on corona virus, quarantine jokes
STRANGE!! The virus which is killed with Soap and Sanitizer, Scientists are unable to make the vaccine to kill it.

Girl: Come to my home
Boy: No, I am in self isolation
Girl: My parents are not home
Boy: But they should BE!!!!

By the way... let me remind you that today is SUNDAY | Holiday ..
Me: Doesn't make any difference.. haha

In this quarantine, wife says to his husband: Suppose if I understand you and I agree with everything you say then..
Husband: I can't control my laughter.. Even I cannot imagine this 'SUPPOSE'..

Wife says: Even after lock down I will not let you go to office..
Husband: Why?
Wife: Because you are doing house work better than our maid...

Chi - You made touch phones, touch Television, Touch machines, Touch Laptops BUT...
It is height - You invented disease with touch.. Intolerable..

We can also boast to our upcoming generation in our old age...
Once there was a disease....

Words which are disappeared from our lives during Quarantine:
Where are YOU?
When you will reach HOME?

Got too much of sitting in home then I seen a vegetable seller on the street, requested him to have tea at my home so I can take his vegetable to roam around!

You people cannot sit homes for few days..
Appreciate those engineers who are sitting homes for year..

In this quarantine, there is no use of keeping old chat..
If you read, your heart will break and if your wife reads, your bones will break..

Let you father come in the evening and I will complaint what you did..
Above dialogue of Moms are omitted!

I this lock-down, I became so frank and friendly with my wife that I told her all about my Girlfriend!!

Wife was exploring hubby's phone and found a contact name saved as COVID 19 and she
immediately called...and suddenly her mobile own mobile rang!!
Now husband is in Hospital!

Only your behavior makes you a MAN otherwise mustache can be noticed on girls face as well in lock-down.

Me: We are travelling..
Today we will visit our kitchen - The capital of our HOME..

Everyone is saying that country will go 20 years behind..
Anyhow, let me clear you that I am not going to go to school again!

First Time in History....
Phone call log - there is NO Wife's number....

The human being who gonna stay 21 days in Home - Gonna stay in counting of population of 2021...

Oh My God ! It's your Magic..
Birds and Animals are free but human beings are lock down.. :))((

Let me tell you that once this virus tension will end, I will take 7 days leave and REST!!

Do you know why all temples, church and holy places are closed?
Because Gods are in Hospitals wearing while coats... Salute..

In this lockdown, the earth is so green, neat and nice that I afraid if Dinosaur may come back!

Corona, Earth quake, Rain, ice balls - everything we experience..
Now Ulkapind is left, let him go through as well.

Real LAUGHTER with FUNNY JOKES - Most Hilarious, Million Time Liked

Laughter is HERE so without wasting time, Here you go with Funny New Jokes to laughing on:
laughter, laughing, jokes

laughing, new funny joke to be laughed at

Customer asks to lady cashier at Bank: Madam will you please tell me when interest is more while we put inside and when take it outside?
She replies: My dear, The interest depends on how much time you KEEP IT INSIDE

neighbor joke

I think my neighbor is stalking me as she'e been googling my name on her laptop.
Me: How do you know?
Me: I saw it through my telescope...

laughter funny joke on Alcohol
Alcohol is never the answer But it does make you forget the question!

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Girls wondering that if trees grew money, we would not mind dating

Read all funny jokes here

Who’s there?
Merry who?
Merry Christmas!

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Orange who?
Orange you going to let me in?

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Anee one you like!

Knock knock
Who’s there?
Iva who?
I’ve a sore hand from knocking!

Difference between talent and God gift:
A man can give lecture for 2 hours on many subjects. This is talent
A woman can give lecture for 2 hour without any subject - this is a God gift!

What two things can never be eaten for breakfast?
Lunch and dinner

What is so special about Pretty Bunny’s jewelry?
It is made from 14 carrot (carrat) gold

Where can you always find a tiger’s head?
Four feet from its tail.

What's brown and runny?
Usain Bolt.

How do you make one disappear?
Add a ‘g’ or an ‘n’ to ‘one’!

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I come from a small town whose population never changed. Each time a woman got pregnant, someone left town.
- Michael Prichard

Boys lie more, but girls lie better.

Please behave well with your wife - anytime restaurants can be closed in this pendamic season..LOL
I hate when I'm about to hug someone really sexy and my face hits the mirror.

"ARE YOU ASLEEP??" "No I was in comma , thanks for saving me."

If we lose this war, I'll just start another in my wife's name.
- Moshe Dayan

Love is temporary insanity curable by marriage.
- Ambrose Bierce

If your head is wax, don't walk in the sun.
- Benjamin Franklin

Honore de Balzac says No man should marry until he has studied anatomy and dissected at least one woman.
Illustration: Really, it is not an easy task to handle a female for life time. Our smart experienced author Mr. Balzac warns men to attend some special training or program on marriages so that they could bear the pressure of coming tough life after getting engaged.

I think, therefore I'm single.
- Female philosopher

Be sober to your wife because they prepare your food...
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2020-2019 Funny Jokes for Guaranteed Instant Laughter

Jokes are like Oxygen, water and food because they are necessary to live happy healthy smiling life. They being LAUGHTER and but obvious, when you laugh, you are actually doing a favor to your goodself. You get lots of benefits and your mood gets refreshed.

Here we are bringing most funny jokes ever to guaranty your laughter. You can share these jokes with anybody, anytime and these are good to start a nice discussion. One more thing that we should not take life so seriously because no one could escape live at the end
Here you go:

Late night chat..
Girl: Ok, bye, mom is shouting..
Boy: Say your dad that do it slowly..

Girl: How I was looking today..
Boy: You don't need a makeup..
Girl: then?
Boy: Plastic surgery..

Do you drink regularly or occasionally?
Me: Occasionally ut occasions come regularly..

I text my friends and said that I lost my phone, please call me..
15 people called me...
OMG.. I need smarter and clever friends...

When there is earthquake...
Do Not Panic..
1st .. Update status on Fb/Whatsapp..
2nd: after 1st step, if you get time,, come outside of home..
3rd: take a selfie with crowd and upload on social media and say... enjoying earthquake..

Never make your girlfriend CRY.
Because - Million flirty guys are waiting for wipe her tears..

Boy: I love you
Girl: I already have a boyfriend
Boy: Sell him on OLX because old has to go only then new will come..

Boy on fuel station: Please fill for USD 0.1
Salesman: wow, with that much of oil where will you go?
Boy: nowhere - we just waste our money like this..hahaha

What kinds of short do cloud wear?

Very Funny Jokes for stress-free laughter

Festive season is ON and we have got the reason to make to laugh with our new collection of very funny jokes so read, share, enjoy. Laugh to live your present life.. Cheers!

funny jokes top 10

More than million copies  sold just in 2 day due to one word typo error...
"An Idea Can Change Your Wife..."

funny jokes invented when he wrote the word wrong

funny neighbor jokes

funny doctor joke

I wonder why Santa is always a Male
Simple.. because woman never wears the same dress every year!!yoohooo

funny Tie joke

My promised goal for new year 2018 is to complete the goals of 2017 which I should have done in 2016 because I promised them in 2015 and they were originally planned in 2014,,
Good luck to me,,,

Boy to girl: I love a girl but afraid to tell her..
Girl: Come one. it is easy. Try on me.
Boy: I Love You darling..
Girl: Yes, now go and tell her.
Boy: I already did..

History is proof is that whenever new year came - it could not stay live more than 1 YEAR..

I've got an idea that I gonna order pizza just 5 minute before new year and when they will deliver, I will claim free pizza as I ordered last year..!!

Hey Bro.. where we gonna sit on 31st..?

What do you call a old snowman?

I will bring bride like a moon..
AND she will show you stars in daytime..

Oh Shit...
I don't have new year eve plan.. YET

My New Year Resolution:
I need to be more awesome than last year!

Math! The only place where you buy 88 watermelon and no one wonders 'WHY'...

Best Joke Ever "A boy said - Trust Me"

Bhuvan Bam (BB ki Vines) V/S Amit Bhadana - Individual You Tubers - Funny

Earth is round so things keeps on rotating. Do you know what is happening in INDIA? What are the Hot topics? Whats is next big thing?
Well the answer truly depends on what your interests are. If you love internet and you tube - them recently Bhuvan Bam of BB ki vines and Amit Bhadana completed their 10 million subscribers and still counting.... It is really a big achievement and these guys are individual you tubers and they are unique in their own arts.
If we talk about Bhuvan Bam, he is single and born in 22 January 1995. He loves singing and guitar. He is versatile singer BUT but he has got his fame from you tube by playing different characters and using the abusive day to day used language. His main audience is from 15 - 40 age groups. He plays himself 4 character and start group discussion. He use such a language that a normal Indian people use at their home - specially friends. People enjoy his creativity and conversion because they can relate themselves. Bhuvan keep his video simple and use the very normal middle class background of home and walls.
Character of BB:
1. Father - A typical man who keeps comparing his son with others and keep him taunting
2. Friend - A friend who is very naughty and loves to be mean with girls. He keeps himself in the world of fantasy. He uses cheap and mean imagination and his friend covers his dirty talks.
3. Son - A typical son who wants to see world, who gets happy with small things and has lot of dreams.
Bhuvan is Delhi born middle class boy who is not biggest you tube sensation in 2018.

Amit Bhadana : The word 'DESI' yes, he support this word and try to keep his video on the same subject. His dialogue delivery and style is like a village boy and appeals to Desi populations. He make humor video and also tries to give a lesson. He often shows that we should not show off and try to be what we are. His fan following is amongst college students. He has got his 10 million subscribers in September 2018 and still counting.. He is the best example of a success and people learn that we can succeed in anything if we believer and act on it.

Theier are lots of you tubers in INDIA and other continents who are doing great. We wish them best of luck.

Please DO write your reviews and comments so that we can add what we have missed here!
Cheers and keep sharing!!

Jokes to make moments rememberable

Although web is full of humor contents but here we create difference by sharing the jokes which are so funny, fresh, new and easy to recall. So without wasting much time, let quickly jump to world of unlimited fun.

Here you go:

Life is too short to be serious all the time..SO if you can not laugh at yourself.Please call me.. I will do it for you....

A man can achieve success if he tries HARD..
A woman can achieve she cries HARD... :):):)))

Boy: Do you love me?
Girl: Yup..
Boy: But you do not care for me..
Girl: The people, who are in love, do not care for anyone!!!

An funny man wen to Barbour shop..
He sat on the chair.. Barbour surprisingly look at his head and asked: You have only 8 hair on your head.. Should I count or cut??
Man: Just color them BRO!!!
Life is to enjoy with whatever you have... :))

Hey... if you are born in September... It is pretty sure that your parents started thier new year with a BANG!!!

IF light goes in--
USA - People call in power office..
Japan: People check their fuse plugs.
INDIA - People first check that neighbor's light is also gone!!! :):)

Teacher: You are so careless.. Do you take anything seriously
Me: Yes, My smart phone low battery warning!!!

Do not give anybody justification - You are not a detergent... !!! :

Very Funny, Quick Jokes for to make people laugh

World is endless so chances of laughter and fun too. Here we present again very short and quick jokes to make people laugh. It gonna meet their laughter needs. With these pranks, people will go crazy with uncontrollable laughter.

Here You Go:--->

Very Important, crispy, funny but useful general knowledge General:
In 26 letters of alphabets, W is the most dangerous and full of tension letter... How? See:
What, where, who, whom, why, Work, Wine, Whisky,.....
Not enough.... Women...
Want to hear more...
And in today's life biggest hacker is..... Whatsapp....

2 guys are walking down the street when a mugger approaches them and demands their money. They both grudgingly pull out their wallets and begin taking out their cash. Just then one guy turns to the other and hands him a bill. "Here’s that $20 I owe you," he says.

A guy meets a hooker in a bar. She says, "This is your lucky night. I’ve got a special game for you. I’ll do absolutely anything you want for $300, as long as you can say it in three words." The guy replies, "Hey, why not?" He pull his wallet out of his pocket, and one at a time lays three hundred-dollar bills on the bar, and says, slowly: "Paint…my…house."

Jack Benny is walking down the street, when a stick-up man pulls out a gun and says "Your money or your life!" An extremely long silence follows.
"Your money or your life!" the thug repeats. Finally Benny says "I’m thinking!"

A lady at a party goes up to Winston Churchill and tells him, "Sir, you are drunk." Churchill replies, "Madam, you are ugly. In the morning, I shall be sober."

Wife to Husband: lets go for long drive, but I will the car..
Husband: Ok, that means we will go on car and come in next day's newspaper.. haha

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Jokes - When they give you lecturer

We can not leave our readers without laughing so here we bring jokes in a form of funny replies when somebody tries to give you lecturer but please dont't forget to say "Just Joking". Your sense of humor make anyone's laugh so these quips do. Enjoy, laugh, share and comment you crazy people to make other trolling with LOL..

1.) Money is not Everything.. There is also Amex, visa and master cards..

2.) One should Love animals They are too tasty....

3.) Save water...Instead drink on the Rocks...

4.) Fruit, Salad and green vegetables are healthy..Leave them for the sick..

5.) Books are Holy..Don't touch them..

6.) Don't shout in office..It disturbs those who are sleeping...

7.) Love thy neighbors.. But don't get caught

8.) Hard work never killed anyone..But why take Chances..?

9) Why do something today can be done tomorrow by someone else

10.) Everyone should Marry.. after all... Happiness is not only thing in Life..

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Happy Laughing..