Jokes - to Make anyone's day brighter

Jokes work like a booster because they enable the teller and listener to laugh a lot and laughing makes your mood so good. It spread positive energy into your mind and body. As we know life is full of tensions and struggles. Everyone is running for something. Rich want to get more richer and poor are struggling to arrange for their basic needs. Middle class people are under immense pressure of maintaining the status.

So in these difficult world, we have taken responsibility to make you laugh with our new, funny and humorous jokes, so read, share, energize people and have fun

Teacher: What is the difference between Song and lecture?
Student: When other women say something, it feels like a sweet song. Her voice attacks on our heart. So nice.. AND when our own wife says something - Ahh.. It is a lecturer..
NEXT DAY - Teacher gave the student a good treat for having such a deep knowledge --:) :) :)

Man: My wife is missing..
Postman: This is post office NOT police station..
Man: I am really sorry - out of happiness - I am confused and do not understand where to go..

Wife always call men a fool..
and then say.. we are ahead of men.. LoL

LOL - American Jokes to Laugh like Crazies

America is the land of wonderful people. Here, you'll all kind of people i.e. witty, funny, smart, intelligent, brilliant and so on. As our topic is related to humor, so he we gonna share top American jokes which makes you laugh like anything.

Here you go..
Do you know the difference between the US and yogurt? . . . . . . . . . . .
Well, yes - If you leave yogurt alone for 300 years, it develops a culture.

Man to priest: So I will get the same wife in next birth also?
Priest: Yes please.
Man: Then there is no benefit of suicide as well :(

Boy: I fall in love in love with a nice Girl..!!
Girl: Good!! Who is she?
Boy: She is your shadow.. and looks a bit like you....
Girl: Awwww!! Is it me?
Boy: No, Your sister..

Boy: I hate to see a girl standing in a bus when I am comfortably seated.
Girl: So what do you do?
Boy:I close my eyes and sleep.

Seems like you wearing your wedding ring on the wrong finger?
Yes you are right.. but I married the wrong woman.

Q: What's the difference between a knife and a woman arguing? .

Well , a knife has a point.

What do you call a french man killed defending his country?
I don't know either, its never happened!

Spouse:what will you give me if i arrived the top of mountain?
Hubby: A little push

101-200 Top Jokes - Part 2

After mind blowing success of Part 1, we are very excited to publish the 2nd Part with Title 101-200 Top 100 Jokes. In this continuation, we gonna write something in more creative and more funny way to experience you the real taste of humor. We know that there is no need to teach you guys about the positive effects of laughter to your health, so without giving much lecture, lets dive into the sea of amazing Jokes.
Here you go:

The moment when you see your teacher in Public..

After 5 years of marriage, on valentines day, husband brings white Rose...
Wife: What is this? On this day, husband gives Red Rose...
Husband: But now Peace is more important than Love...

Two mouse were roaming around on bikes.
On the way, one lion asked for lift...
Mouse said: Think twice before taking lift from us, because we don't want to listen from your mom that you go around with villains..

Do you really want to give somebody heart-attack?
Take his phone---> go into the contacts---->select all--->delete..
Give him --> with that crazy smile.

Man was about to hand on till death.
Judge asked him about his last wish.
Man: Smiled and said, replace me.:)

The real friend is one...
Who takes care of you well while you vomit after drink..
And ask after some time : If you are feeling fresh - Should I make another pag?

Wife: How am I looking?
Husband: So cute..
Wife: Any comment?
Husband: You are looking so beautiful but it takes all my salary...

Once kidnapper kidnapped wife:
Next day I got a call: If you don't' give me the amount, I will kill you wife.
But I was silent..
Next day one more call: If you don't give me money I will throw your wife from mountain.
But I was silent
Next day I got a call: If you don't give me amount, I will send you wife back..
I shouted , please tell me how much...

Boy passed a comment on girl: I wish I could have the lipstick of your soft lips..
Girl turned back and replied: Then you must be daily on somebody below pant area.. LOL

Man: Dear your father is a doctor, still you are ill..
Me: Stupid, your father is salesman of condom, still you are in this world..