How to Make Somebody Laugh/Happy

Do you do your best to make your friends, relatives or anybody laugh but without success? If yes, you must learn/use the right tactics to let make it happen. To make your intention into reality, you must learn the mandatory steps.

So here we are sharing those important steps to let you learn this:

Step 1: Mood
If you are in good mood doesn't mean that the other person is also in the same mood. You should learn or sense their mood to successfully make them laugh. Don't forget the rule of "Right thing at right time". So if you say joke when they are in normal mood, you will be thorough.

Step 2: Conversation:
To make the other person happy, you must start conversation slowly and make open ended questions so that they can also involve. And the moment, they go familiar, you play your jokes to make them laughing.

Step 3: Interest:
If I love swimming and you talk about how dangerous the water it. I may contradict. So to make anybody smiling, you must know their interest and talk accordingly. The right flow and the right way of talk will help you win their interest which will lead to loads of laugh.

Step 4: Material:
Do you have enough material in your talks/mind to drag anybody's attention. This comes with homework to fill lots of talking material. When you have much topis and gossips in your mind, you will not let the silent overtake you. Bear this in your mind.

Step 5: Timing
The above mention quality is very much needed to have fun and let other involve. When you say right thing taking care of timing, I bet they can not stop their laughter at all. This is what comedians are known for. So whether it is you, stand up comedians or actors - timing is much important.

That is it and you are done. Rest is withing yourself. I appreciate you intention because making anybody cry is very easy but the tough task is to make somebody smiling. Your good task will leave you mark in everybody's heart and they will never ever forget you. When they smile because of you, you get a special feeling and satisfaction. Your sense of humor will be appreciated and your polite way and good communication skill gonna work well.

Stay tuned for more enjoyable coming on way. Wish you a very good life and great journey.

11 Jokes You Must Share Once in Short Life

Life is small and it flies like dust from fist so to make maximum out of it, here are awesome collection of 11 funny jokes a human being must share/read/hear in life. It gonna give you/your listener an amazing sense of humor with big fountain of laughter.
Here we go:

Husband: I seems like you put excess salt in vegetables.
Wife: Please, salt is accurate, vegetables are less. I told you to bring sufficient quantity.
Moral: Wife is always right!

I am not short..
I am built close to the ground for speed and accuracy.

Helmet and wife are similar:
Your life is saved as long as you keep them on your head!:)

Why they keep gap between engagement and marriage?
Because you can not blame that you have not given a chance to escape!!

Half of my energy wasted on random knowledge..

I shared a chemistry joke..
There was no Reaction!

Why did Adele crossed the road?
To say hello from other side.

In marriage: Bride's X-boyfriend also came..
Father: Who are you?
X: I am out after playing semi final.. Now here to see the final!

What do you call fake noodle?
an impasta!

Guess, who I saw today?
Everybody I looked at! :))

I miss you like an Idiot misses the point!

That is it. Thirst for more? You are welcome to read come here often read our the refreshing stuff.