Those Strange Things

Sometimes, unknowingly they say some things, that become a laughing stiock for all of us, so lets limelight those great funny events!

1) Oops, I lost my cell!
It is in your jeans!
Oh hello! Don't go to my family in this regard.

2) I understand your problem, but on the other hand...
You have more fingers!

3) What does that innocent watch do when it feels hungry?
I think it goes back for seconds.

4) Oh please, don't just let your mind wander..
It is far too small to be let out on its own!

5) I didn't like my beard at first, then it grew on me.

6) What happens when chemists die..
They barium!

7) Sometime I get so much anger on you but when make myself chill when I think that you are so naturally funny because your life is a joke!

8) I don't want everything but at-least God can bless me with Good company, Fame & money. intelligent friends, amazing girlfriend and supportive family!

9) Hey, Age is just a number. Yeah, and jail is just a room!

10) Slap yourself if you find 85% of the contacts in your my cell are useless!

11) I feel special when mosquitoes go crazy for me.

12) Just do it. Procrastination: working tomorrow for a better today!

13) In traffic, I horn a lot and get angry on the person who is ahead of me and expect the patience of the person who is behind me!