How to Spend Weekend while Enjoying it at Fullest

After working hard in your weekdays, of course you need a good break so the question is how to spend your weekend while enjoying it at fullest. As you must learn how to use your time efficiently, there are plenty of options available if you plan well.

So here are the ideas/ways to live your Saturdays/Sundays:

1. Your interest: Yes, 95% of things depends on your interest. So please conclude whether you like watching movies, playing sports, roaming around with your friends or you love seeing places. So when you came to know what things makes you feel good, you can decide well. I must say the time flies like anything so plan it well and live at fullest.

2. Laugh a lot: All week days, you control your reactions and stop yourselves from doing anything with freedom. So please when the time comes, laugh as much as possible. Read and share some jokes/pranks, watch comedy shows and let your funny bone works well. When you successfully do it, you will much better and relaxed. You can try this.
3. Do the work you actually like: Whether you are doing Job or other activities, sometimes you do it to survive in your regular life. When you've got this free time, listen to your heart. Do the work you actually like. It may be some blogging, or practicing some sport or writing some lyrics or singing. It can be anything, But just forget about what others will say, just do it. You fee a sense of satisfaction from your inner soul.

Spare time for the person who care for you: Yes, don't be too selfish. Life is all about what you give to others so care for he people who care for your all the working days. Give them the gift of time which is very valuable for them. Talk to them, smile with them, listen their problems and appreciate their efforts. This will boost their energy and your relation will be better.

Have a sound Sleep: All the time, you keep on running. Come on, relax. Your body is not a machine and it needs some rest. Have a good sleep with no worries. It will keep you away from lot of health disease.

No Calls please: Oh, mobile! It is spoiling our freedom. You can not sit relax for a moment. It keeps on ringing and with every call, a new stress takes place. So please for the sake of weekend, switch it off! Be free and carry no worries. Believe me, It gonna give you an amazing experience.

We are sure that you gonna like this post and it will bring a good change into your lives. Share it.

Thank you

Ways to Laugh - Jokes, Comedy Shows, Funny Inc and more

Some people are so humorous that they find a reason have laughter in any situation. Actually, they know how important it is to enjoy in life so they do.

This proverb is right that where there is a will, there is a way. If you also want to make yourself as well as others laugh some popular sources are as follows:

1.) Jokes: Yes, it the decades, this source is the best way to have fun. It gives you 2 benefits. One is your communication skill improves. You speak alot and your expressions come out. People understand you better. And the second benefit is you become their favourites. They like you and they appreciate you approach.
Now you must be thinking that where to find the good Joke or you listen many of them but when it comes to share - you go black. Isn't it? Well, this happens with everybody. So the best way is to just Google it. Which type of material you should share - It depends on your audience and situation. With kids, you can share some knock knock jokes and with your friends - some naughty ones where it comes to family - you must find some clean, and when you are in hurry - short one are the best. The main aim is to create a funny and light atmosphere.

2.) Comedy shows: This one is in trend now. Television is growing like anything. Comedy/laughter shows are having the highest TRPs. People love standing comic shows and enjoy them. This is the good source of fun. You can sit with your family and have the ultimate time together. Life is busy so you are but this entertainment industry is doing the best efforts to make the people laugh. It has got win win situation for them. They are doing good cause as well as earning handsome amount if money through advertisers.

3.) Sharing a funny incident: First, learn to laugh at yourself. This is the first rule when you wanna have fun. So never hesitate to share any silly moment where you had made a big mistake and dare to laugh at your silly incidents and let the laugh along with you.

4.) Watching a hilarious movie: Of-course, this option is great. Go for it and use the time well. This is value for money. Your one and half hour of time can be proved a great relaxation for your mind. It is good break and you gonna have real fun. Enjoy with your friends and family.

5.) Spending time with Kids: Kids are face of God. Their smile, their naughty behaviour and their way of doing the things, and questions makes your time well use. It is not bad to be a kid and have a blast. Even 30 minutes time can make you feel so good. They will make you the happiest person on this earth. Their innocence and love will create a wonderful world for your. So whenever you get a chance, just grab it.

6.) Joining laughter clubs: Artificial laughter is as good as natural. These laughter clubs are made to do this exercise only and you gonna have numerous health benefits with this. Make a world better and have this trick with your fellows.

We all know that life is too short to take tensions still we take it, live with it, sleep thinking about it and life ends so we repent. It is never too late to live life from the beginning. At the end, only good work will be remembered. Meet people with enthusiasm, greet them in good way, appreciate them and enjoy whatever you have, wherever you go and with whomsoever you meet,

The Jokes People Love Like Anything

Billions of people around there in the world and each one of them search for a moment to have a good laughter to reduce the stress. Although this blog is full of amazing jokes but this short post gonna give a the incredible funny jokes people love to hear on this earth so enjoy..

Here you go:

What is the difference between senior and junior?
The person who lives near sea is senior and who lives near zoo in junior.

Wife: See our neighbour.. He takes his wife everyday outside for dinner, did you ever thing of doing it?
Husband: I tried asking his wife many times but she refuses always :)

Height of insult:
In the hot summer, lot of people were waiting for bus..
Beggar comes and get some tips from everybody..then he takes his smartphone, books a cab and rides away!

I got impressed when someone's laugh is funnier then his jokes.

I am not short, I am built close to the earth for speed and accuracy.

Him: Did you ever do any noble cause?
Me: Yes, somebody was having pain in their leg, waking very slowly..then I opened my dog and they reached in 2 minutes.

My Boss wishes me to have a good and happy day.
So I returned to home.

Press any key to start..
Where is 'Any' key?

Never laugh on your spouse's choice..
You are one of them.

Admit It:
You push the door when it say pull..

The awkward moment when you think you are going to do a silent fart and it comes out like a machine gun.

The more you weigh..the harder you are to kidnap so stay safe and eat cakes.

Makes us crazy to re-think those weird conversations with your fast friend and thinking if someone heard us right now, we'd put into mental hospital.

I love my pillow because it gives me different hairstyle everyday!

How to Make Somebody Laugh/Happy

Do you do your best to make your friends, relatives or anybody laugh but without success? If yes, you must learn/use the right tactics to let make it happen. To make your intention into reality, you must learn the mandatory steps.

So here we are sharing those important steps to let you learn this:

Step 1: Mood
If you are in good mood doesn't mean that the other person is also in the same mood. You should learn or sense their mood to successfully make them laugh. Don't forget the rule of "Right thing at right time". So if you say joke when they are in normal mood, you will be thorough.

Step 2: Conversation:
To make the other person happy, you must start conversation slowly and make open ended questions so that they can also involve. And the moment, they go familiar, you play your jokes to make them laughing.

Step 3: Interest:
If I love swimming and you talk about how dangerous the water it. I may contradict. So to make anybody smiling, you must know their interest and talk accordingly. The right flow and the right way of talk will help you win their interest which will lead to loads of laugh.

Step 4: Material:
Do you have enough material in your talks/mind to drag anybody's attention. This comes with homework to fill lots of talking material. When you have much topis and gossips in your mind, you will not let the silent overtake you. Bear this in your mind.

Step 5: Timing
The above mention quality is very much needed to have fun and let other involve. When you say right thing taking care of timing, I bet they can not stop their laughter at all. This is what comedians are known for. So whether it is you, stand up comedians or actors - timing is much important.

That is it and you are done. Rest is withing yourself. I appreciate you intention because making anybody cry is very easy but the tough task is to make somebody smiling. Your good task will leave you mark in everybody's heart and they will never ever forget you. When they smile because of you, you get a special feeling and satisfaction. Your sense of humor will be appreciated and your polite way and good communication skill gonna work well.

Stay tuned for more enjoyable coming on way. Wish you a very good life and great journey.

11 Jokes You Must Share Once in Short Life

Life is small and it flies like dust from fist so to make maximum out of it, here are awesome collection of 11 funny jokes a human being must share/read/hear in life. It gonna give you/your listener an amazing sense of humor with big fountain of laughter.
Here we go:

Husband: I seems like you put excess salt in vegetables.
Wife: Please, salt is accurate, vegetables are less. I told you to bring sufficient quantity.
Moral: Wife is always right!

I am not short..
I am built close to the ground for speed and accuracy.

Helmet and wife are similar:
Your life is saved as long as you keep them on your head!:)

Why they keep gap between engagement and marriage?
Because you can not blame that you have not given a chance to escape!!

Half of my energy wasted on random knowledge..

I shared a chemistry joke..
There was no Reaction!

Why did Adele crossed the road?
To say hello from other side.

In marriage: Bride's X-boyfriend also came..
Father: Who are you?
X: I am out after playing semi final.. Now here to see the final!

What do you call fake noodle?
an impasta!

Guess, who I saw today?
Everybody I looked at! :))

I miss you like an Idiot misses the point!

That is it. Thirst for more? You are welcome to read come here often read our the refreshing stuff.

Jokes - Let the Life Enjoy

Laugh a lot, keep having fun and Enjoy - these lines are the most listened lines in life. Ever you wonder why:
people keep saying this?
The simple answer is..
'Life is being given to enjoy, laugh and live at fullest'
Yes, if we are live on this earth, we must laugh because:
Laughter is best medicine
It keeps lots of problems away from us.
It also makes us strong and likable.

So now the question is how to do it or how to have it?
Well, there are many ways to have it i.e.
reading and sharing Jokes,
Entertainment shows on television,
Playing with kids and
Doing what you love.

Among all the above ways, my favorite one is Sharing Jokes.So let me share some new good funny most interesting jokes to opens up your mood and to give you opportunity to give to big laugh:

1. How do you make group of lawyer smile in a pic?
Say feeeeees!

2. A dude is sitting at a bar, wearing a fancy new watch, covered with buttons and lights and dials. The girl next to him says, "Wow, that's a really amazing watch.""Thanks," says the guy, "It has got amazing technology. I can telepathically ask this watch anything I want to know, and it'll answer me, telepathically.""Rubbish," says the girl."No, it's true," says that guy. "Look, tell you what, I'll prove it. I'll ask it if you've got any panties on."The guy scrunches up his eyes for a moment, as if concentrating hard to talk to his watch, then opens them and says, "Nope, it says you haven't got any panties on.""Well, it's wrong," says the girl, "I do have panties on.""Damn," says the guy, slapping his watch, "it is an hour fast!"

3. Today evening, I was badly slapped by a busty woman in an elevator.
I was staring at her breasts when she said, "would you please press one?"
So I did.
I don't remember much after that...

I know 3 are not enough and you want to read/search more. See, how badly your heart and mind needs them. This was just an example. The more you read, the more you would like to read! In a short, each part of our body needs the exercise of smile so do not keep yourself awaited.

Share these Jokes for making your day wonderful

Once a scientific just got married just to understand what is marriage!
Now he is not getting understand - what is science!

Wife: Please share those 3 magical word..
Husband: I Love you?
Wife: No
Husband: I Like You
Wife: No
Husband: I Miss You
Wife: No
Husband: It my mistake!
Wife: So nice of you :)

One man keeps on eating in marriage:
The other man asks: Til when you continue eating?
Man: I am also wondering but in invitation, it was written: Dinner 7 to 11 pm!

Boy to girl: Ashamed, you are a girl and drink alcohol?
Girl: So what do you expect? Should I change my gender for this?

In past years, people who leave and sacrifice their everything known as priest.
But now they are know as 'Online'

Best Jokes for 2016

Welcome in new year 2016 and we must welcome it with loads of smile which can be sourced from our best jokes here. This whole year and all 12 months, we wish and hope that you keep on laughing and enjoying. May your life be filled with lots of enjoyable moments. Our jokes section is little efforts of doing so! Enjoy..

best jokes

Girl to his lover: Today my brother saw me with you on your bike!
Boy: OMG, Now what?
Girl: They took my travel money back! You know my family is very strict.

What happens when an egg laughs?
It cracks up!

Girls only calls me ugly until they find out how much money I make....
Then they call me ugly and poor...

What is green, fuzzy and if it is fell out of tree, it can break your head!
Pool table..

The thief broke into my house last night.. They started searching for money so I wake I joined them in search!

If olive oil is made of olives then baby oil is made of ....

Thant crazy moment when you can't finish a line because you are laughing so hard about ending!

Every family has a weird relative.. if you don't know who it is..probable=y it is you..

Stop.. you are under a rest!

Every time I plan to eat something better, I hear my stomach laughing.

Men to the left because women are always right!

My boss told me: Have a good day!
So I I went home!

Me? Mature... Haha . I still laugh when the ketchup bottle farts!

If they don't want sarcastic answer then don't ask for stupid questions.

Unless life also hands you sugar and water, your lemonade is always going to suck.

I think I want a job of cleaning mirror..because it is something I see myself doing!

She said -
Books or Me?"
I still remember her sometimes when I buy a book!