Sequel of Jokes

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Once a man went to a marriage..

as he enters - there were 2 doors - the message was for friend and second relatives.. He enters in friends gate.
Again there were 2 doors - one was for ladies and another was for gents.. He enters in Gents..
Again there were 2 doors - One was for with gifts and another was for without gifts.. So he enters in without gift..
And he reaches on the street with message - shy on you - in my marriage without gift for meal.. huh


Doctor: How your face burnt?
Man: I was ironing my clothes and phone rang and...
Doctor: Aha, but the another side of face burnt as well?
Man: Oh Doctor, these people are very dumb. Someone called again.


If this is coffee, please bring me some tea. If this is tea, please bring me some coffee.


The man wanted to become a great Scientist like Nutone..
after long research - he wrote the forth law of motion.
"Loose motion can never be done in slow motion"


What is the meaning of greet dot on tiger Biscuit..
It means - the Tiger is On line..


Knock Knock!
Who's there?
Europe.. Europe who?
No your a poo..Lol


Man called frantically into the phone: My wife is pregnant and her contractions are only two minutes apart!
Doctor: Is this her first child?
Man shouted: No, this is her husband!


Girl:Are you coming to my party tonight?
Boy:Ops - I am Sorry. I can not be there.
Girl: Why?
Boy: Because, I have to get up REALLY early tomorrow afternoon!


I told him that look at that dead bird!
She looked up at the sky and said..."Where???"


Just imagine, how many miles you have scrolled with mouse wheel.


We teens are always full of energy until they say the words: clean up..


Teacher: Why are you late?
Me: At least I came!


Hey - I didn't fall - This floor just needed a big hug!


My grandpa always told, "Don't watch your money; watch your health." So one day while I was watching my health, someone stole my money. It was my grandfather.


A man goes to a psychiatrist and says, "Doctor, my brother gone crazy, he thinks he's a chicken." The doctor says, "Why don't you turn him in?" The guy says, "We would. But we need the eggs."


A guy shows up late for work. The boss yells "You should have been here at 9:30!" he replies: "Why? What happened at 9:30?"

Go outside

Man to young guy: Have you ever seen Taj Mahal or Easter Island's Moais,?
boy: No..
Man: Haha, go sometimes to see the world outside!!
Next day: Again, that man asks to same guy - Have you ever seen Pyramids of Giza?
Boy: No..
Man: Lol, go sometimes and see the world outside!
The another day - That man asks to boy - Have you ever seen.. the boy immediately interrupted him asking...
Do you know James?
Man: No
Boy: Lol, go sometimes, see what is happening in your home.. inside..

Never Ending Jokes

Somethings like jokes, never ends. There are always millions of things to laugh at. Daily uncountable people get up and start a new chapter of thier lives, and somehow in their daily activities, numberless funny situations arise. People like us just grab those instances and give you a good material have fun or to share with anyone to create a good laughter.

So here, we are here adding some good newest funny pranks to add more value into our never ending journey of entertaining your world.

Wife: Can u help me in the gardening?
Husband: What do u think I am...a gardener?
Wife: Can u fix the door handle?
Husband: What do you think I am... a Carpenter?
Next day, when husband came from work, he saw everything has been fixed.
Husband: Who did all this ?
Wife: Our neighbour.
But he gave me two options.....Either I should give him a burger or a kiss.
Husband: I am sure u must have given him a burger. Wife: What do u think I am.......McDonalds?!!

Boss: Do you take anything seriously?
Employee: Yes..My phone's low battery warning!!

One of stupidest question ever: What is my Nationality?

If 7 out of 12 people suffer from skin injuries does that mean the 5 of them enjoy!

Now, which way should I choose?
To the left, where nothing is right...
To the the right, where nothing’s left?

Either you like me, or you're gone mad!

If they count the speed of light, do they also notice the speed of dark?

Why do ducks have webbed feet?
Simple -- To stamp out fires.

Why do elephants have flat feet?
Well -- To stamp out burning ducks.

Best way to reduce weight!
First turn your neck to the right and then to the left.Repeat this exercise everytime when you're offered something to eat!

Love plus....

Love + Care = other
Love + Fear = Dad
Love + Company = Sister
Love + Fight = Brother
Love + Life = Girlfriend
Love + Enjoyment = Frineds
Love + Care + Fear + Fight + Life + Enoyment = Wife

So married life is really easy, it is just like a walk in the park...but the problem is that the park is... 'Jurassic Park'...

New in Market

I know you must be fed up from hearing those repeated jokes again and again. Well, do not worry - we are here to update you with fresh ones. We do lot of researches so that you get the newest. Your smile is our target - and we take it very seriously. WE wish you shall be laughing all the time. It gonna make you healthier and attractive personality. Enough - now go below - and read these new in the market.

Wife is house queen..
Does her own things..
Get irritates when given a work.
Gets happy when goes to shopping!

Rat: In a party had 4 glasses of Beer!
Cat: It is party, otherwise you would have dead!
Rat:Run from here..Otherwise people will say that I am beating a female after drunk!

Whether you are in love or being beaten by a mosquito - Results will be same..
No sleep whole nigh!!!

Dr: How do you come here?
Patient: Not feeling well!
Dr.: Do you take alcohol?
Patient: Yes, but please make it small!!

Friend: How did you teeth break?
Man: Wife has made so hard breads!
Friend: So you should have denied from eating!!
Man: That is what I did!!!

Compounder:Why do you stare girls while standing here o regular basis?
Man: Because it is written in you notice board - 11 - 1 - time to see females!!

09 jokes you can easily share anywhere

Are confused about what to share when you want to make the atmosphere light? Well, here we are coming up with these light, clean and simple jokes to be shared at this moment, no matters what your audience are!

Here we move:

1) Man standing at ATM machine!
Thief: Get and withdraw all the money and give it to us!
Man: But I do not have ATM!
Thief: Than what are you doing here?
Man: Just to chill myself in their air conditions.

2) World's three vary innocent faces:
A- Sleeping child.
B- The person who is asking to for give some money!
C- Our Friend who is sitting in front of our parent!

3) When did the king die?
In his last war!

4)What is the main reason of divorce?

5) In which state biggest rives flows?

6) When our Prime Minister birth?
On his Birthday!

7)How will you divide 7 mangoes between 10 people?
By making Mango Shake!

8)In whole year, where maximum ice fall?
In Glass of wine!

9) Wife (Angrily): I just can not believe this! You forgot my birth day! How dare you!
Hubby (in very tempting voice): Darling, how can you expect me to remember this day when you never look any older!
Wife: Really, my love?
Hubby: Yes, Honey... (thinking - Thank God, I recall the dialogue at right time, otherwise, I would have dead today)

Not is Sure, so instead of waiting for perfect time, why not to en-cash what you have right now! Finding the correct time is very rare. You have create it, and the right time is now, live it and rest will fall on places itself.

Those Strange Things

Sometimes, unknowingly they say some things, that become a laughing stiock for all of us, so lets limelight those great funny events!

1) Oops, I lost my cell!
It is in your jeans!
Oh hello! Don't go to my family in this regard.

2) I understand your problem, but on the other hand...
You have more fingers!

3) What does that innocent watch do when it feels hungry?
I think it goes back for seconds.

4) Oh please, don't just let your mind wander..
It is far too small to be let out on its own!

5) I didn't like my beard at first, then it grew on me.

6) What happens when chemists die..
They barium!

7) Sometime I get so much anger on you but when make myself chill when I think that you are so naturally funny because your life is a joke!

8) I don't want everything but at-least God can bless me with Good company, Fame & money. intelligent friends, amazing girlfriend and supportive family!

9) Hey, Age is just a number. Yeah, and jail is just a room!

10) Slap yourself if you find 85% of the contacts in your my cell are useless!

11) I feel special when mosquitoes go crazy for me.

12) Just do it. Procrastination: working tomorrow for a better today!

13) In traffic, I horn a lot and get angry on the person who is ahead of me and expect the patience of the person who is behind me!