Humor and Fun for Healthy Life

Life is what we tend to make it. We can live is so sadly, badly or enjoy-fully. So why not make entertaining and worth living. Sharing Top Short Jokes is the best thing when you want to laugh. They can bring happiness for your friends and family. There are lots of things happen in our daily life but after all stresses of life we must try to to find a reason to have fun. One should keep his business life separate from family life. Everyone wants success but you should not forget to live your life. The wise way to live life well is keep smiling and enjoy each moment.

Someone said it very correctly that "Success is getting what you want. Happiness is getting what you like." Our dreams and our desires motivate us to do something extraordinary in life. There is no benefit of having success if you do not utilize it. There should be a time when you forget the rules, laugh without hesitation and say what you want to say. Sharing some Funny Jokes is very useful at that time. It helps in breaking the ice and makes people laugh. Laughter is infectious and everyone feels happy in our happy hours. It gives us positive energy to live our life. It is the unique way of binding people together and be closer to each other.

When you want to start any conversation with someone or you want to cheer up your friends, humor helps a lot in getting a good start and it changes the mood. The only thing in life which always be remembered is your good work and care for others. Don't be professional all the time, learn to give a soft and emotional touch to your colleagues, friends, relatives, family and well wishers. Funny Quotes and pranks really have the power to bring instant laughter on our faces. This entertaining stuff is very easy to recall when you want to make anyone laugh.

There are lots of hidden benefits when you make yourself happy and stay in jolly mood. Some of them are:-

  • You stay healthy.
  • Your blood pressure remains under control.
  • You become an idol for everyone.
  • You face glows more.
  • Laughter is a kind of exercise which keeps you fit and fine.
  • Your energy level increases.
  • Your body and mind stay in balance.

There are lots of laughter clubs who practice laughter. They know that it is the best way to stay healthy. I personally write lots of one liner short jokes in my diary and share them when situation comes. So use this easiest way to make your life more enthusiastic.